3 Tips for a better freestyle kick


To help you swim faster freestyle we will go over 3 small details of freestyle kick that can make a big difference.



The form of your freestyle kick will determine how fast you can move. To have a very effective kick you need to have amazing ankle flexibility.

The more ankle flexibility you have the less drag you will create.

And the opposite is true, just look how I don’t move with my ankles like this.

Also the knees need to be a little bent while going down and straight while going up.

To do this you need to relax your hamstrings and activate your quads while the leg goes down and while it is going up activate your glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

After you learn to have a good form when kicking you need to perfect the tempo of your kick.



The tempo can vary depending on the distance you are swimming but typically the tempo is 6 kicks for every 2 strokes.

  • That is 3 kicks with one leg while one arm does one stroke cycle.
  • The timing of the kicks is very important too.

Because of the rotation and the movement of the muscles in your core, it is better if

  • The right leg goes down when the left arm enters the water.
  • While it is gliding you do another kick and use that momentum to start the pull while the leg comes down again.




When you swim freestyle, the most effective thing you can do after the turn is to do several butterfly or dolphin underwater kicks.

  • This carries the speed of your push but the problem most people have is they lose that speed in the transition from uw kick to freestyle kicks.
  • The first few freestyle kicks are extremely important. They need to be fast and they need to start before the arms start moving


Follow these 3 tips and let us know what you experience and how you feel about your kick, always try to get faster!

By the way, don’t forget to share this knowledge to others..

Thank you!


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