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50 Free L: 

100 Free L:

50 Butterfly L:

100 Butterfly L:


  • 1st Skills N’ Talents Swim Camp





We want to thank you again for trusting us. Congratulations on qualifying for states! That is amazing. Congratulations on your PBs! I hope that you continue to drop those times and keep enjoying swimming.


Important – * Keep your fingers firm *

Hands / Arms:

  • 00:01 Bend elbows sooner – (You corrected that on day 6)
  • 00:02 Pull with your forearms (You did better on day 6)
  • 03:11 Fingers are a bit loose, put them in a spoon shape and keep them firm. Fingers should have a very small separation between each one.
  • 03:14 When you breath keep your opposite arm straight not dropping, start your pull when the head comes back in the water.
  • 01:08 Left arm crosses sometime, make sure you glide forward.
  •  Use your body rotation more, and you will breath when your body rotates.



Important – * Use more aggressive rotation*

  • 00:23 Use your core muscles more for the dolphin kick

Hands / Arms:

  • 00:28 Fingers too open, wrists can be firmer too.
  • 02:21 Rotate a little more aggressively.


  • 03:53 More rotation so your arm goes down when it goes in the water and so you can bend the elbow more and pull better.


  • 00:53 More rotation with your hips and bring them closer to the surface. Do smaller kicks.



Important – * Correct the ankle position during the kick*


  • 02:10 Knees too separated, try to close them closer together.
    Use the drill with the pull bouy in your legs.
  • 00:08 When kicking put your legs in dorsiflextion then when you recover the kick have hem in plantar flexion

dorsiflextion swimming

  • Transfer your energy from your chest to your hips as you shoot forward with your arms.

Open Turn:

01:15 Bring your knees to the chest faster and sooner.



Important – * Correct the timing. When the hand finish the pull, you should’ve finish also a strong kick.*

Hands / Arms:

  • 02.56 Enter the hands not too close to each other in a Y position
  • 02.58 Pull from the Y position in direction to your hips.


  • 03:32 Fast strong kicks on both kicks but specially the second one (when the hand finish the pull)


  • 03:34 Correct the timing. When the hand finish the pull, you should’ve finish also a strong kick.

Open Turn:

  • 01:15 Bring your knees to the chest faster and sooner.


  • 00:13 Use your arms, by doing a bicep curl to help make the turn faster.
  • 00:06 Start your dolphin kick a little sooner, right now there is too much glide.
  • Move you hips up and down more for the dolphin kick.




Agosto 7-14, 2019


Underwater Dolphin Kick

This dry land exercises will help you have a more stable and stronger core. It will help you improve your underwater dolphin power. There are many more exercises that can help you, look for ways to get a stronger core, glutes and lower back.

Physioball Prone Superman Progression

  • Begin facedown with a physioball positioned under your hips.
  • Lift your heels and shoulders upward, taking care not to extend your neck.
  • Move one arm to the streamlined position and use the other for balance.
  • Move the second arm to the streamlined position.
  • Hold this body position tightly for two to four seconds.
  • Reverse the movements.

Dumbbell Step-Up

  • Holding a dumbbell in each hand, stand facing a box.
  • Step up onto the box with one leg. Pressing through this leg, lift yourself upward until both feet are on the box.
  • Step down with the leg that initiated the exercise.
  • Repeat, initiating the exercise with the opposite leg.


  • Lying face up in a streamlined position, stabilize your core by tightening the abdominal musculature.
  • In unison, bring your arms forward and lift your legs until your hands are able to touch your feet.
  • Slowly reverse the movement, stopping when your hands and feet are just above the ground. Then repeat.