Toes hops

jump on your toes

Rope jumps

Jump with a rope

Tuck jumps

jump and tuck your knees

Side jumps

Jump to one side then the other

Rotational jumps

Jump then rotate 180 degrees

Broad Jumps

Jump as fas as you can

Box Jump

Jump to the top of a box

Depth Jump



weighted – higher height




Normal squat 

Do normal squat, preferably under 90 degrees

Toe Swings up

Do a squat on the way up get on your toes on the same time swing your arms up

Squat jump

Do a squat on the way up and then jump

Streamline squat

Get on a streamline and do a squat

High box squat

Sit on a box and then go up


Do a squat and when you are down pause for 3 sec


*weighted optional*




Do a normal lounge alternate feet

Lunge Jump

Do a lounge then jump and change feet in the air

Lounge knee up

Do a semi lounge and explode the back leg up knee to the front


*optional weighted, dumbells, barbells*

Calf Raises

Step on a small box or something high and do calf raises





single calf raise

High Knees

Bring you knees up and down alternating legs


Ponting Toes hops

One feet up to the front, then the other feet up pointing in dorsiflexion


Quick feet

Like running but in the same place


Kettlebell swing

Grab a kettlebell or dumbel and swing between your legs to the front of your face arms always straight


Single leg thrsuter

a thruster but with one leg lift straight



with a band open and close jumping


Band holds

Put the band on your ankles and raise your knee



one knee up and bounche with the one straight and then change



A normal deadlift, barbell recommended can be done with bands weightless dumbels etc


Single leg deadlift


Push a sled with your arms straight or a disc on the floor


Bulgarian Split Squat 





Squat with one leg


standing on a box,

sitting on a box a then up


Power High Pull 




Clean power lifting




snatch power lifting



Laying down, jump streamline 

lay down on the floor and on the command jump into a streamline



Depth Jump

stand on a higher surface then go down to the floor and asap jump



Medicine-Ball Broad Jump

jump and throw the medicine ball to the wall.

How To Jump Higher: 5 Exercises To Improve Your Vertical



Kneeling Jump 

kneel and jump to your feet


Kneeling Jump then tuck your knees

Kneeling Jump then jump to the side


Static stretching achilles 


Hip Flexors 


Squat Stretch

On a deep squat position and hold


Plank knees in

On a plank position put you leg out then bring it in



Pike frog hops

plank position arms straight bring your legs to where your hands are and go back