Backstroke Swimming Technique



Backstroke has some unique movements that not many people know, its easy to swim properly if you are shown the correct techniques.

As you know backstroke is the only stroke that you swim on your back so pay close attention.


1- Shoulders and Hips

The shoulders and hips is probably the most important thing in backstroke!

Rotating is very important to reduce resistance and move more easily through the water thus being able to swim for longer time and faster.

You probably heard your coach talk about rotating your shoulders but maybe you didn’t quite get it. Don’t worry we give you the best points to fully understand it.

2- Shoulders

Your shoulders should follow your arm, when your hand touches the water make sure the shoulder starts following that direction.

*When one shoulder goes down the other one goes up.

Two main things why rotating your shoulders is important:

1. Preventing injuries –

When you rotate you don’t over extend the shoulder.

2. Pull better –

If you pull after you rotate you will use the bigger back muscles being able to grab more water and move more with each stroke.

backstroke swimming technique, rotation, muscles


4- Steady Head

You must have your head still all the time while swimming backstroke.


Because you will create less resistance, to have a better entrance with the arms and to have a correct body position.

backstroke swimming technique

Recommended drill – Cup on Forehead


5- Hips

The 2 important things when it comes to the hips in backstroke.

1- Keep the hips up towards the surface of the water ↑

2 – The rotation of the hips should follow the shoulders.

backstroke swimming technique

6- Body Line

Its always important to swim as straight as possible so you can move more easily and efficient.

The arms should never pass the middle line of your body so you can have a better pull and a faster stroke.

how to swim backstroke faster, how to swim backstroke, backstroke swimming

By Mauricio and Raul Uranga Last updated Jun. 23, 2020

Lets Go Swim Fast!

This is it for our backstroke swimming technique tutorial.

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Think about this steps.

Use these powerful strategies into practice.

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