Breaststroke Arms


Open, Pull & Recovery

Breaststroke is a complex stroke, in this tutorial we are going to focus on the upper body specially on what you have to do with your arms while swimming.

Although there are different ways to swim it, let’s focus on the most efficient one and technically correct way.

1- The Opening

You should have the arms stretched to the front while gliding, this way you create less drag and will be able to move forward more easily.

breaststroke arms, breaststroke swimming, drills

Once you finish gliding you will change the direction of your hands and move them towards the lanes.

breaststroke swimming technique, breaststroke arms, pecho, tecnica de pecho, brazada de pecho

When you get past your shoulder width you will start the pull movement.

Here is the full opening movement:
brazada de pecho, Breaststroke swimming, breaststroke swimming technique

*The gliding with your hands on the front should vary depending on your stroke, distance, speed. (There will be a tutorial about it)

2- Pull

You will start bending your elbows up thus changing the direction of your hands to the back.

breaststroke arms elbow, technique, breaststroke tutorial

With your hand palm and forearm you will pull back, creating power to move forward.

breaststroke arms movement, how to swim

When your hands gets to the line of the shoulders is time to bring your arms together, moving them closer to the body →← and up ↑ closer to the surface.

*Remember the pull is Quick and Short

3- Recovery

Once you have both of your hands close to each other an on the surface. It’s time to throw them to the front as fast as possible.

*When you throw your hands its recommended to have your hands cut the water or to do it above the surface.

4- Recap

Pay close attention to the 3 steps and master them!

By Mauricio and Raul Uranga Last updated Jun 23, 2020

You are ready!

Remember in order to swim great breaststroke you need to practice.

Swim Fast! 

Any questions or feedback?

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Saúl Macías
Saúl Macías
2 months ago

Muy interesantes sus explicaciones de cada una de las formas de desplazarse en la piscina, muchas gracias por compartir

Debbie Knight
Debbie Knight
4 months ago

My swim instructor says to overlap my hands vs. in parallel on the breaststroke glide.
Please explain.