Get to know Bruno Moreno Gutiérrez

Who is Bruno Moreno Gutiérrez?

Bruno Moreno interviewing Olympic & World Champion Adam Peaty at ISL 2020. 






“I will work until everyone knows my name”. This is what I, Bruno Moreno Gutiérrez, told my family when I turned 17 years old. Growing up in a very competitive environment, allowed me to understand that the world is full of prepared people and that if I really want to pursue my goals, hard word, dedication and values will be needed during the process.

I’m not afraid of facing those challenges, because my winning mindset keeps me motivated to represent my name, company and values at the best of my abilities.



The skills I possessed are due to my commitment to become a better person every single day. One of my goals is to create an impact on my community and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to start doing that at a young age in the sports industry. At only 12 years old I became a national junior level swimmer and three years later I won my first national age-group medal.



Swimming was the sport that chose me and I could not be more proud of what I achieve as a swimmer in the pool. Maybe I did not go to the Olympics or won a world championship medal, but all the state and national awards I achieved were the result of honest work and discipline that I invested in the pool and gym every single day of my life.

I will never give up, and I’m aware that I might not be the best in everything I participate in; but I can assure you that no one will work as hard as I do. Not only that, but no one will use their resources or opportunities as I do. I’m always learning, paying attention and using my time with wisdom, because in my opinion what you do with your time; determines your future.

At only 18 years old I was studying,  at one of the most prestigious business schools in the world: Hult International Business School and I was an analyst and commentator for the International Swimming League. The main is reason of achieving this is my education. Apart from being an athlete, I learned 5 different languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian and English. Certainly it was challenging to do, however, as I mentioned before nothing scares me.


That is what I thought before my grandmother passed away. She raised and helped me all my life and instead of being depressed, I started my own business where I help students to get college scholarships in all over the world.

I want to be an example of the future generations and demonstrate to them that nothing is impossible. I’m the perfect example of that.

At the beginning everything was a dream, however, I decided to make it a reality. I achieved my goal of studying overseas, I’m making an impact on people while making profit and people are starting to know my name. I know this is only the beginning of something great, but patience will be needed.

As Michael Phelps said: “is what you do in the dark that puts you in the dark”, and I plan to keep doing that. I just the need an opportunity, that is all and once I get it; everyone will know my name.



Tell me part of your story in the comments!

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Jazmin Hildabel Moreno Aguirre
Jazmin Hildabel Moreno Aguirre
2 years ago

Great job Bruno! Go for it!

Jane Moreno
Jane Moreno
2 years ago

Congratulations Bruno Moreno. He’s an excellent person.
My Best wisehs for You…

Sandra Gutierrez
Sandra Gutierrez
2 years ago

Estoy tan orgullosa de ti , soy testigo de todo el esfuerzo y dedicación que pones para alcanzar tus logros , espero seguir disfrutando de muchos más que vas a alcanzar.
La natación no solo cambio tu vida, ha cambiado la muchos en la familia, es una forma de vida que te enseña que la disciplina y la constancia es la única forma de lograr objetivos .

Rosa María Gutiérrez Vega
Rosa María Gutiérrez Vega
2 years ago

Gracias Bruno por enseñarnos que podemos cumplir sueños con trabajo estudio y dedicación y que a pesar de tú corta edad nos ayudas y nos impulsas a cumplir nuestras metas.

Alma Natividad Aguirre
Alma Natividad Aguirre
2 years ago

Muy extraordinarios, constructivos e interesantes, los comentarios del artículo escrito por Bruno Moreno Gutiérrez, quien propone grandes ideas y propuestas, para ser exitosos en el deporte, especialmente en la natación, mil felicidades y gracias por tus conceptos y consejos

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