Front Crawl Breathing Common Mistake

Front Crawl Breathing Common Mistake


Today’s tip is called chest breathing

Many people, usually beginners tend to turn their heads too far and it causes all sorts of problems like body rotation and head position, that causes a very poor technique of proper upper-body movements.

Advanced swimmers don’t use their neck muscles to take a breath and that is the secret. They just rotate their imaginary “shoulder line” Instead as it is shown below:

If you do use your neck to breath, this tip is going to help you.

Picture a mouth on your chest that needs to take a breath.

Remember that Exaggeration will help you feel the difference between the wrong and the right way of doing any type of technique exercises.

So, exaggerate the rotation and without moving your neck rotate until your chest is out of the water and take a breath there.

You can pause your arms while you do this.

Then go back to normal freestyle and try rotating your chest to breathe instead of your neck.

Swim fast!

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Last updated Feb. 19, 2022

Edited by:

Emiliano Mora and Bruno Moreno Gutiérrez 

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