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    Hello guys,

    First of all I want to thank you for all the videos, I’m a big fan of skillsnt and your vids really helped me improve my swimming and ejoy it. I’m about to start the swordfish program.

    I have two questions :

    in the first part of the crawl, the hand aiming part : I used to push the water downwards, thus making a force that pulls out my body up on the surface.
    I understood that we should push water backwards, to gain propulsion forward.
    The problem is when I have to aim my hands to push backwards, I feel like I’m streching my shoulder too much, forward and up, like almost popping it out to be able to get into what I think is the right position… does that seems normal to you ? do you have any videos to illustrate what it should be ?

    second question is about the breaststroke
    when I’m aiming for the kick, my feet keep getting on the surface thus losing any force they couldve done… I practiced breaststroke kick in all ways… but they keep getting out from time to time (frequently) ; usually when they come out, people told me that my back is making an arch which shouldn’t be the case
    any tips to correct that ?

    thank you very much, I hope my questions seems clear (my english is not that good)

    and again, thank you very much, looking forward for the swordfish program, I hope you make more of these, maybe specific programs for each swim

    see you, swim fast 😉


    Thanks for the questions. You have the right idea about the hands, but I would say you need more rotation. In the first part of the stroke you should be pulling with your lats because of the rotation. Try putting on paddles and see how it feel, but do it slowly. Every time you modify your stroke you should start slowly with a lot of repetitions. If it feels right it is probably right, if not there most be another way.

    For breaststroke, your back does need to be arched when you are taking a breath but then straight when you are gliding with your hands in front. Maybe you are diving too deep with your hands and head and that is why your feet come up?

    I hope this helps.
    Thanks for using the forum!
    Swim fast!


    thanks for taking time to respond !
    actually yeah I agree with you on the two parts. I think I don’t rotate enough so I’m going to emphasize on rotation drills.
    Also for breaststroke I am diving too deep indeed and also not using my core, I’ve practiced using my core and that did help to not make my knee sink and my feet come up, I’ll try with your advice to dive less deeper, or try to find the right ammount of diving.

    thank you for your help Mauricio, I hope this forum grows large !
    I’ll try to swim right then maybe I can swim fast haha

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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