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    Hello everybody!

    So I have many doubts about Dryland training: When is best to do it: before or after swimming or at another moment? and how many times per week? My main aim for dryland is just to build extra strenght and better results in the swimming pool.

    Thanks in advance!


    Ok. This is a very important area and should not be treated lightly. First, you are responsible for your own training. You should be self aware of your body. Listen to it! Take great care and remember to sleep. Flexibility is a top priority, over and above muscular strength. Get a good foundation. Breathing exercises and posture. Work on the core, whilst gradually improving your tendons and ligaments so that they will be able to support the increased explosive power you will be building. You have to grow long muscles.
    Study physiology and fasting.
    Now to work on the muscles. In the 1980’s it used to be high rep circuit training. It’s back in fashion. Depending upon your capability and age. Start with 30% of max. as a start weight for your circuit of 6 to 10 reps. Gradually increase the pace over the next couple of months. If you increase the weights too soon you risk injury ( I’ve been there too often) and recovery then rehabilitation eats into your medium term goals. You will then know when to start building strength/power. There are some great YouTube vids. But… You must maintain flexibility.
    A warm down swim is good after a gym session.
    3 circuit training sessions a week should be ok. Your stretching and flexibility exercises, 3 times a day.
    Do not forget your diaphragm. This is not easy to strengthen. I use a PowerBreath, whilst holding the plank. Yes, I do dribble, so it’s quite a balancing act.
    It is important to repeat….You must research and learn, then you will have a better understanding of the training regime that works for you.

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