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    Monica Elida

    Hello all!
    My name is Monica Elida Forssell, swimmer from childhood, but I was away from the sport for about half my life. Then I got in touch with swimming again moving to a new city. First I started off being an instructor for recruits, young swimmers. Then I got the chance to train myself. I started off first considering to learn the techniques again, so I know what I am teaching the kids. But then I got to compete in my first swim competition in YEARS. And after that both my training and competitions have been an important part of my life.

    For now I am training in an outdoor pool, but I will hopefully get into a brand new facility during Autumn. My main style is freestyle, but I have started working hard on the other styles, and I have especially seen great improvements on breaststrokes, which has been my nemesis all my life. I also have a plan to pick up again the land training that I got to start with during lockdown, and lack of pools. That way I may help myself improve my swimming. I found many good programs to build on. My next big competition is the Norwegian Championship in March next year.

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