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    Hi everyone… I just feel loved to find a community of alike ones. Hoping a warm welcome here


    Hi! I’m Annabel21! I’m just starting to try swimming as crosstraining for running and other sports. So far, breathing has been the Big Struggle. I tried peeking my head up out of the water, but my back started hurting later. From what I understand, you’re only supposed to breathe to the side, but will that affect staying linear? I’ve just heard so many things! I’m only practicing kicks right now, by the way; the shoulder-driven stroke and the full freestyle stroke scare me a little lol. But what advice do you have?

    Ruben Piñeiro

    My name is Ruben, I am preparing 10 km open water swim cancun- isla mujeres in Mexico.
    Just here to share experiences and create comunity. Anybody preparing open water swim here? Cheerssss


    Hello Guys,
    I’m Fernando, I’m 48 and aspiring triathlete. Ok runner, ok-iest rider. I’m absolute new to swimming but loving my swimming lessons. My teacher in the suburbs of Chicago is great; she started with a lego-philosophy, giving us the building blocks to be great swimmers, the kicks, the arm-strokes, the breathing, the switching singe and triple. I’m a quick study and making progress but is hard! breathing is hard. Even with my endurance background, it’s hard. Putting all those building blocks together is not easy.
    Anyways, I have a good one full year to prepare for my Ironman, wish me luck.
    I found this community through my YouTube feed and subscribed immediately. Phenomenal content.


    Hi all. Geoff here from Exmoor, south west England. 77 years old. Determined to get myself to required standard to take the UK LifeSavers’ course (a month ago I literally could not swim a single stroke, now I’m close to a full 30m length). Life’s for living, yes? Cheerz to you all.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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