Freestyle Flip Turn


Perfect your turn

So you know how to do a flip turn, but you waste time or don’t push as strong as you should? Here are 4 tips that will make you swim fast!

*If you don’t know how to make a flip turn go to this tutorial


1. Head Position

A common mistake and one I did for many years is to look down at the wall before or after the feet touch the wall.

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Practice keeping your head in line with your body at all time. You have practice the turn many times, so you don’t need to see the wall to push off of it.

Trust your instinct, adjust and practice.


2. Instant Streamline

In swimming you should always be looking for ways to avoid dragging excess water. Putting your hands quickly in a stream line is oneway to do that.

At the moment your feet leave the wall, you should be in a perfect stream line.

From the tips of your fingers to your toes, your whole body should be tight.

The first 3 meters you don’t need to do dolphin kick, just try to carry the most speed from the push.

3. Core Strength 

To do a very fast turn, you need to develop a fairly strong core.

These muscles will make you bring your feet faster to the wall and maintain a correct streamline position.

Do core exercises like crunches and back extensions, then focus on these muscles as you practice a fast turn.


4. Knees at 90°

To have the optimal push, your knees need to be very close to a 90 degree bent.

If you land with less than that, then you are wasting potential energy.

If you bend them more than that, you will take longer to release that energy, wasting precious time.

With a good flip turn you can generate a lot of speed off the wall, but you need to carry it through your stroke or otherwise it will be lost in the first second after the push.

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By Mauricio & Raul Uranga last update Jun. 23, 2020

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See you next time! Swim Fast!

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