Freestyle Rotation Drills.


Drills that will help you rotate properly.

1. No arms

Is very similar to freestyle but without using your arms.

Since you don’t have to worry about your arms you can focus on the rotation better.

Try this exercise by kicking strongly.

You will find that without the arms it is more difficult to stay afloat.

If you find it to distracting to stay on the surface and you want to just focus on the rotation, try using fins

To do this exercise correctly you need to keep your head still, moving it only to breathe

You will notice that the most challenging part is to keep kicking normally since your legs will also be rotating with your whole body.

This is the part that you actually need to master with this drill.

Once you get a hold of kicking while rotating you can move on the next exercise.


2. One arm

It is basically the same exercise but this time you add the motion of one arm.

With this exercise you will practice breathing to one side and using the opposite arm and you will also practice using your other arm and breathing to the other side.

Yes! You know that one side that you don’t usually use?

You will practice it like this.

It is good to breathe to both sides because the rotation will be more symmetrical.

3. Freestyle pause.

Finally, the third exercise is freestyle with a pause.

This exercise will make it obvious how much you are rotating.

If you don’t rotate enough you will slow down fast

If you do rotate you will glide through the water better.

Remember to keep your head still looking at a 45-degree angle, moving your head quickly just to take a breath.

It is recommended doing these drills some time during warm up or right after warming up so you can swim better in the main set.

When you swim at full speed try to remember the feeling of these rotation exercises and apply it to your normal swim.


Swim fast!

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Last updated Feb. 20, 2022

Edited by:

Emiliano Mora and Bruno Moreno Gutiérrez 

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