Freestyle Swimming Kick



In this lesson we are going to assist you to perfect your kick.

Kicking is a key element in swimming as it gives you speed and assists in keeping your body close to the surface of the water.


1. Hips

When you swim, everything should be smooth and performed with minimal effort. Try not to fight the water.

Your hips should rotate with your shoulders without stopping the kick.

The legs move in conjunction with the hip rotation and the feet ideally should barely break the surface of the water. (in this example the feet is not breaking the surface so you can see the rotation better)


2. Knees Slightly Bend

Do not bend your knees too much and do not let them drop down. This common mistake creates drag that will slow you down.

freestyle swimming kick, how to kick in freestyle, beginners

(This is wrong! ↑↑↑)

Allow your knees to bend just enough so that you can kick down with more power. You should feel the pressure on the top/dorsum of each foot.

flutter kick, freestyle kick, ankles position

*Your feet should barely break the surface of the water*

As soon as the downward kick is finished the upward phase should begin. You should feel the pressure on the sole of each foot.

freestyle swimming kick technique, beginners

The up and down phases of kicking are as important as each other and should create equal force to assist your movement forward


3. Kicking Width

Remember we do not want to separate the legs too wide. We should aim to just touch the surface of the water while going up, then a few cm/inches down from your body line as you kick down.

swimming kick, front crawl, legs separation


4. Bailarina Feet

It is important to work on this movement to improve your swimming. If you have your feet like this you won’t go anywhere:

freestyle swimming kick technique, ankle position

Having flexible ankles is crucial. Remember you should always have your feet like this:

freestyle swimming kick technique, ankle flexibility


Look at the legs!

By Mauricio and Raul Uranga Last updated May. 23, 2018

For better results watch the video! ↓

Hope you like the freestyle swimming kick tutorial.

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