How to do Flip Turns


Freestyle Flip Turn

If you want to swim smooth laps you need to have a good flip turn, in order to do that you have to master 4 steps.

Backstroke and freestyle flip turn are very similar but to make it simpler for you we will divided in 2 different tutorials. Pay close attention!


1. Approach the Wall

Remember you need to flip on the correct moment when you are swimming towards the wall in order to have a correct turn and push.


You should start the turn somewhere close to the length of your arms. (it is different for everyone because the speed, height and other factors) 

Practice this drill several times so you lose the fear of approaching the wall.


2. Bury your Head

On the right time the first movement of your body will be to bury your head down so your lower body flips towards the wall.


Mental Mark

When practicing the flip turn make sure you make a mental mark on the floor of the pool of where you started flipping.

If you didn’t have enough propulsion from the wall you should try to flip closer to the wall.

If you felt like you took too long to push from the wall you should try to flip farther from the wall.

how to do a flip turn, freestyle swimming,
*Somewhere close to 90 degrees should be good.



If you are learning how to do a flip turn is good for you to practice breathing right before.

When your head is rotating blow bubbles from your nose, it’s not necessary to blow a lot of air but just enough to keep the water from getting in.

3. Extend your Arms

The arms play a crucial part when doing the flip turn. They act as leverage for the rest of your body, will help you turn more easily and to stay a few inches from the surface.

Remember to start doing the streamline after the pushing movement with your arms.

4. Hips Forward

In order to bring your legs on top and around your body you need to activate the core muscles

how to do a flip turn, muscles, perfect flip turn

When you start pulling your head down engage the core and lower back muscles to flip your legs over you.

When turning bend your knees and put your ankles on dorsiflexion so you can land on the wall and push properly.

By Mauricio & Raul Uranga last update Jun. 23, 2020

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Jose Vazquez
Jose Vazquez
1 year ago

Many thanks, was so useful to see when I learnt to do the tumble turns!

Kéfren Cezar
Kéfren Cezar
2 years ago

I really liked the material, I had a lot of doubts about when I have to release the air. You have excellent material, thank you very much.