How to Swim Fly


Butterfly Technique

Butterfly swimming is a stroke that requires very specific technique which is often why people find it difficult to swim. If you learn these techniques you will save energy and swim faster.

Follow these steps so you can master this stroke. ↓


1- Butterfly Kick or Dolphin Kick

This is the most important part of the butterfly stroke. The butterfly kick is also very important when you push off from the turns on all the other strokes but especially freestyle and backstroke.

Let’s break it down into these steps:

  • The kick begins with the core muscles.
  • Hips moving up and down.


  • The legs continue the undulation from the hips, a bit like a whiplash effect with the knees slightly bent.

butterfly kick swimming technique, how to do butterfly kick, how to swim fly

  • Keep your legs straight when going up, with the ankle and toes pointed.

butterfly kick swimming technique, how to do butterfly kick

  • Repeat the above steps.

Recommended Drill = Board Drill

Recommended Exercises = Bailarina Feet


2- One Arm

Repeat the same dolphin kick as above but one arm waits out in front as the other arm is performing the stroke.

butterfly swimming technique drill, fly swimming one arm

* When your hand touches the water your hips go up.

This will help you to understand the motion and timing your body needs to swim butterfly.


3.  1 – 1 – 2 Drill

Similar drill to the one above except you perform one right arm stroke then one left arm stroke and then one stroke with both arms together and then you repeat.


4- Full Butterfly

Let’s do it! Remember that for the recovery the arms move around and out to the sides.

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When your hips are up at the surface, both hands are out in front of you.


When the hips are down, you start to pull with both hands and bend your knees to kick.

The pull is very similar to that in freestyle but both arms work together at the same time and your head moves towards the surface.

By Raul & Mauricio Uranga Last updated Jun. 22, 2020

Now Go and Practice!


Think about this steps.

Use these powerful strategies into practice.

Do you have any questions?

Lets Us know on the comments section. ⇓

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2 years ago

Hi, I’m Matt, a swimming learner from China. I found your videos about swimming skills very usefull and high quiality. I want thank you all for providing these greate videos. It wiil be lovely that the options of the language of the site can support Chinese(中文简体).