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50 Free L: 

100 Free L:

50 Butterfly L:

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  • Swim Camp Key Largo 2022
  • Swim Camp San Diego 2023


Time key frames:

0:00 – 0:21 (Day 1)

When swimming try lowering your head just a bit more when you are not breathing and when you breathe.

Try to not crossover the line from the middle of your body/head when gliding the surface with your hands (more with your right arm). They must be enter and glide in the same line as your shoulders. 

Here are some drills that can help you with this: Glide Rotate Glide 

When your arm goes in the water, try to glide more with your arms and do not drop your arm, when your hand enters the surface, rotate and glide it as much as you can to the front. Lock your elbow when gliding.

0:16 – 0:36

Before you start the turn, keep your legs together. This way you’ll be able to have a better position with your feet on the wall and you will improve on your push. 

Make sure to have a tight streamline every time you push off the wall. And try to make one or two underwater kicks more, you want to take advantage of the turns and starts.

0:36 – 1:05 (Day 2)

Your right arm moves not in a straight line when gliding and you need to keep you hand and forearm in line, do not move your hand down.

Work on you mobility of your shoulder, back, biceps, triceps. So you can have a better gliding.

Here you can see better that you’re not gliding enough, your arms enter the water good, in line with your shoulders. Take advantage of this and glide. 

Your pull is ok, but i want you to accelerate it more, when you finish gliding and you bend your elbow to start the pull, accelerate the pull and do it strong.

Just remember do the flip turn push then you start rotating, you are trying to rotate into freestyle before or while you are doing the turn. Keep practicing the turns when you swim and it will get easier every time.

1:05 – 1:36 (Day 3)

Even if you are sprinting you need to stretch your arm/elbow when you break the surface. It will also help you have a cleaner pull without so many bubbles thus have a more efficient pull.

Much better position on your legs closer to the surface the last day, you can still have them even closer to the surface, try to touch the surface with the sole of the feet.

Make sure to keep your right hand in line with your forearm.

Better turn, make sure to have a tight streamline everytime you push off the wall. You want to have your biceps touching your head to take advantage of the turns and starts.

Areas to work on, in general:

  • Work on one thing at the time. 
  • Overall your freestyle is good. Be sure to practice sets like counting your strokes and reducing them so you start to have a stronger pull and grab more water.

Free examples:



Could be better

Needs work

1. Legs horizontal position


2. Ankles in plantar flexion


3. Arms not crossing


4. Correct breathing timing


5. Breathing technique


6. Legs and hands synchronized


7. High elbow above water


8. High elbow below water


9. 5mm Finger spread


10. Good head position


11. Steady head movement


12. Core stability


13. Glide / reach in front


14. Elbow bent when pulling


15. Hand gliding when breathing


16. Relaxed wrist in the recovery


17. Knees straight while going up

18. Good rotation


19. Clean hand entry


20. Fast flip turn


21. Good push


22. Compact flip turn


23. Good break out


Other observations: