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50 Free L:

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  • 1st Skills N’ Talents Swim Camp




I want to thank you again for trusting us. We really enjoy having you in our first camp. You were essential to the group unity and nice mood. Your amazing flexibility and body awareness were a nice thing to have in the group. I hope that with all the changes you made and with this analysis you’ll be able to keep improving and getting used to the new techniques.


Important * Keep a high elbow (explained on the first point)*

Hands / Arms:

  • Elbows drops when pulling. Try to pull with your hand and forearm. You corrected that on the last day but you can still have a “higher elbow” Which means having your forearm more perpendicular to your body sooner in the pull.
  • 2:04 Your right hand when entering the water goes a little to the right, try keeping your hand straighter.
  • 4:34 Try to keep your arms in line with your body when pulling. Right now they’re pulling to the sides, so try pulling more in the middle.


  • 4 Kicks per stroke cycle is good for distance swimming. If you want to do a faster freestyle in a short distance do 6 kicks per stroke cycle.


  • Bend your knees earlier when flipping. (You corrected this on the last day)
  • 4:17 Good curl with biceps! many swimmers have problem with this part.



Important * Lift hips up a little more. *

Hands / Arms:

  • You corrected this) Bend your elbow to pull, you should pull to the back (towards your feed) not down.
  • 2:30 Make a more aggressive and exaggerated rotation, rotate your body with your arms.



  • 0:46 Do just two kicks on either side, one with each leg. The rest of the kicks are transition kicks to the other side


  • Remember when doing the turn make the biceps curl so you can bring your legs faster. You did this on the last day but your elbows need to be by the side of your core, almost touching your rib area.


Important * Push chest down and bring hips up *

Hands / Arms:

  • 0:22 Your pull is too wide. Try doing a smaller stroke. (You corrected this 2:55)


  • 3:02 Your knees are opening too much. (You corrected this a little but can be better)


  • 4:15 Push your chest down and bring your hips up. You are almost pushing your chest down correctly now but your hips should be almost touching the surface of the water.


  • 0:07 The pullout is like a butterfly pull to the center of your body, you corrected this.


  • Bring legs closer and faster to your chest in the open turn.


Important * Finish the second kick with the last part of the pull. *


Hands / Arms:

  • 2:12 Pull like in freestyle, trying to pull with your forearms too, to the middle of your body.
  • More relaxed recovery


  • Bring your hips higher (They got better on the last day)
  • Try to keep your feet together at all times.


  • 2:16 When you finish your strong kick your pull should also finish and your head should come up. 


  • 00:06 Start your dolphin kick a little sooner, right now there is too much glide.
  • Move you hips up and down more for the dolphin kick.

Open Turn:

  • Bring your knees closer to you body, and faster.
  • Touch with both hands



August 7-14, 2019


Underwater Dolphin Kick

This dry land exercises will help you have a more stable and stronger core. It will help you improve your underwater dolphin power. There are many more exercises that can help you, look for ways to get a stronger core, glutes and lower back.

Physioball Prone Superman Progression

  • Begin facedown with a physioball positioned under your hips.
  • Lift your heels and shoulders upward, taking care not to extend your neck.
  • Move one arm to the streamlined position and use the other for balance.
  • Move the second arm to the streamlined position.
  • Hold this body position tightly for two to four seconds.
  • Reverse the movements.

Dumbbell Step-Up

  • Holding a dumbbell in each hand, stand facing a box.
  • Step up onto the box with one leg. Pressing through this leg, lift yourself upward until both feet are on the box.
  • Step down with the leg that initiated the exercise.
  • Repeat, initiating the exercise with the opposite leg.


  • Lying face up in a streamlined position, stabilize your core by tightening the abdominal musculature.
  • In unison, bring your arms forward and lift your legs until your hands are able to touch your feet.
  • Slowly reverse the movement, stopping when your hands and feet are just above the ground. Then repeat.