The Swimming Road

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No one said the swimming road was easy, from the early morning wake ups to the constant repetition and drills, the frustration of not being able to learn a certain new skill or the cold you feel when getting out of the pool not one of those things ever gets easier. But weather you are a swimmer, a coach, a swim parent or a swimming fan, you are not aiming for the easy road, you are on the road that few dare to take and a road that is worth it.

We believe it is worth it to see swimmers achieve the impossible and break human records to inspire the rest of us to find ways of moving forward. After all that is what water always does, it either finds a path or it creates one.

For me the swimming road is patience, failure and pain but it is also success, learning and pride. What does the swimming road mean to you?

This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it’ll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

• 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant

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