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” One day I stumbled onto the Skills NT Swimming channel and devoured their videos on butterfly. The biggest benefit was motivation, as anyone can tell you — butterfly likely takes someone watching and correcting you.

” The channel is run by two brothers from Mexico, Raul and Mauri, and thru a mix of humor and careful instruction, they make swimming very accessible to all levels. Their mantra of “technique first and always” was one that I took to heart.  After checking out their website, I discovered they were hosting swim camps in Mexico and Thailand…  I arrived at the San Luis Potosí airport in Mexico…

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San Luis Potosi 2021

Playa del Carmen 2022

“It’s suitable, not too short/ too long. I still have time to take sightseeing.It cover all the different aspects of swimming. It’s excellent. It’s a comprehensive & unique, it worth you take time to try, looking forward to the next camp.”

Anonymous Review (Phuket 2019)



” Thank you so much!! Your Analysis is exceeded my expectations. I’m so happy to have something to study and practice. After the swimming camp, people said that my stable posture got better. Thank you again “

Dally ( Phuket 2022 )



The camp was excellent way to observe myself via top/side/underwater camera, learn principles of techniques, turns, start ups and gym to support swimming. It was very good location, friendship, connections and fun. I will definitely re-do preferably with my swim mates from camp #1.”

Anonymous Review (San Luis Potosi 2019)

“ Raul, I wanted to thank you for this experience! to Mauri, Eliseo and Ayumi thank you so much! You are great swimmers/coaches and I am sure that this experience will mark Mateo and the way he swims and sees the sport! It was a super group! ”

Mateo ‘s Mom (Cozumel 2023)

“ Dear friends of the camp, thank you for the laps in the pool, the Spanish classes in between and your hospitality and kindness. Special thanks to the coaches.
Swim fast and see you next time

Pieter (35 years old)


Phuket 2022 Participant ( 42 year old )


“ Coach! I wanted you to know that you all helped me learned new things, I had so much fun, you showed me how to improve my strokes, amazing how prepared you are, as well as how great you are as a person. I really liked the dynamics, cool explanations, and jokes hahaha, we’ll see each other again in Cancun.”

Joaquin (Colombia 2023)

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