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Swimming Goals Checklist


Define a specific goal.


Swim 100 breaststroke under 1:20


The ultimate goal is only there to motivate you, but the real reward is the process. So, try to enjoy it.

Mark this date on your calendar.


By June 8, 2019 I want to swim the individual medley under 2:10.86.


Make it an important date, that way you will remember it more easily and more often.

Why do it?

Sometime the most powerful reasons to do something is not even about ourselves, it is about other people. Other times we are motivated by our fears.

Example 1:

I want to swim the 100 butterfly under :57 so that I can help the team win the medley relay.

Example 2:

I fear that if I don’t swim 4,000 meters in one swimming session I will be dropped out of the team.

The Plan

Work backwards from your goal and set subgoals that you can reach in the short term to measure your progress.


Subgoal #1

By January 8, 2019 I want to swim the individual medley under 2:12.50

Subgoal #2

By December 15, 2018 I want to be able to do 3 underwater kicks after all the turns of the individual medley and good breaststroke pullouts.

Make a Schedule

Write down something for each day that you will work on to get you closer to your goal. Don’t write down something you already do in your daily routine, write something extra that you can do. Even if one day is recovery day, write it down. Or if one day you will watch a Skills N Talents video, write it down.


  • Monday- Extra 5 minutes of stretching.
  • Tuesday- 10 minutes of starts after practice.
  • Wednesday- 10 minutes of turns after practice.
  • Thursday- 5 minutes of Jumping Rope.
  • Friday- Watch a Skills N Talents video on Youtube.
  • Saturday- Go to a nutritionist to improve my eating habits.
  • Sunday- Rest and plan the next week.