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  • Thailand Swim Camp 2019





I want to thank you for trusting us. It was a pleasure to meet you. For you the camp was a little bit different and I hope you had a good time and learned something new. You are an inspiration for all of us in the camp, you have an extraordinary mindset to keep achieving your goals and the discipline to do them.


Important * When you breathe keep your arm in front gliding until the head comes back. *

Hands / Arms:

  • 0:28 Make sure the right arm is not crossing when you pull.
  • 2:21 Make sure the right arm is not crossing when you go in.
  • Try to pull with bigger muscles like the chest and the back muscles, not just the shoulders.
  • 4:08 Try to glide a bit more with your right arm when is in the front.


  • The legs are not dropping like the first day, that is good. Try practicing this often even if you swim at the sea if you have a more horizontal position you will have less drag.
  • If you could touch the surface on each kick that would be perfect.


When we swim we develop strength in the frontal muscles of our body and it’s important that you strengthen muscles surrounding your shoulders like the scapular muscles, serratus anterior etc.  I know you don’t want to go to a trainer or doctor, so I would recommend rehab exercises to help with the shoulder pain. You might have to stop swimming for a few months too but that will ensure that you can keep swimming longer.


OCT 14, 2018