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Bruno Moreno Gutiérrez

Professional Sports Analyst & Journalist

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the summer Olympics, however, not all viewers are necessarily involved in the aquatic community; but after interacting with it they all fall in love with it.

This is exactly what Skills NT’s mission is: to increase the amazing swimming community by providing useful information, teaching people how to swim and creating an impact in and outside the water.


Who is making a contribution?

Being aware of your followers and appreciating them is one of our values, therefore this month’s special award goes to Antonio Sosa.

As mentioned before, the mission of making the swimming community even bigger is the main goal, and now it can be said that Mr. Sosa is a new member of it. You might we wondering, how is he contributing to the articles if he has never been part of the aquatic community?

Well, he has influenced my life, like no other people have. 


A Tribute to a Family Member: a Great Person Making an Impact:

He is a great person, an individual who has goals and that is never afraid of trying something new. He is the perfect example for the younger generation that anything is possible, because his determination, character and mentality allow him to think outside the box and achieve great things.

Even though, he is not an Olympic swimmer, he has the same mindset; the mindset of never giving up, to always pursue the main goal. This has allowed him to achieve unique recognitions that make him one of the most successful young entrepreneurs from his country and university. I personally admire and respect him a lot. He has gave me so many ideas and taught me new skills, that all I can say is thank you Mr. Sosa, thank you very much my friend.



Michael Phelps one said: “is what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light”, because he was aware that hard work and discipline overcome talent.

Now imagine if you have a great skill set and your passion and discipline are even bigger than your natural abilities; then the world has to be worried, because once you are ready, people for sure are going to know your name.

MOTIVATED, just like Mr. Phelps

Mr. Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time, and his success started at a young age, just like the recognition of Mr. Sosa. He might be young, but his experience,  determination and skills are out of this world, and it is just a matter of time until he makes a huge statement and the entire planet knows his name.

He is motivated, just like Michael Phelps was when he passed to his first Olympic final in Sydney 2000. Antonio is ready for the next chapter in his life. He has no need to find the path for success, because he is already in it.


Even though, Mr. Sosa never practice swimming as a high-performance sport, he is still making a huge impact on his hometown, college and aquatic community. This is just to show you, that anything is possible.

If you want to start swimming today, do it; if your main goal is to be an Olympic champion but you are afraid of the challenge, don’t be and start training today. Your mentality and actions determined your future. Definitely Mr. Sosa is the clear representation that being involved in new industries and being a leader and example within the community, differentiate him from other people.


Thank you Antonio! 

Gracias mi hermano. 

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Fatima Zoglio
Fatima Zoglio
2 years ago


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