This ranking system will be open and available for you and your friends at any time. If you haven’t bought the swordfish program you can still participate in the swordfish challenge, we will just ask a one dollar fee in order for us to cover the costs of double checking the video.

To see your name ranked in the competition you must do the following:

1- Buy the dollar fee.

2- Complete the challenge and video record it on its entirety.

3- Upload your video to YouTube, google drive or another platform from where you can share it with us.

4- Insert your times for the challenge. At this point your name will appear but your time will be “unofficial”

5- Once we review the video and confirm the times you inputted we will print the official time.

The Swordfish Challenge is 10 x 25s with a time cap of 11 minutes.

Swordfish Challenge


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