The Benefits of Swimming

Benefits of Swimming  

by Bruno Moreno

As former professional and high-performance swimmer I can tell you that this sport is one of the hardest ones in the entire world. 

I have practiced other sports like football, soccer, tennis and basketball and any of them challenge me physically or mentally as swimming did. 

What is swimming? 

For me, it is a physical activity that requires a lot of skills, determination and willingness, because if none of these 3 qualities are present when you carry it out, you will never have success. 

I started swimming when I was 2 years old and since then I have realized how difficult it is to maintain a good aerobic base and anaerobic capacity that will allow you to distance yourself from your competitors. 

Another important aspect that a swimmer is always thinking about is the responsibility that it comes from being named a ‘swimmer.’ There are hundreds of hours dedicated to the sport in and outside the pool, and thousands of sacrifices; however, the reward that comes after winning a medal or representing your country is worth those sacrifices and even more.


Mental Benefits of Swimming: 

  1. Ability to become more determined than ever: swimming prepares you mentally for any activity or situation in life. All the pain after hours of training must have a purpose. 
  2. Focus: concentration is a skill that is developed and trained everyday at the pool. 
  3. Never giving up: swimming prepares you mentally for the most difficult moments in life. I’m sure any swimmer can overcome situations like any other person. 


Physical Benefits of Swimming: 

  1. Strength and conditioning: the best athletes in the world, regardless if they are swimmers or not, have incorporated aquatic activities into their training schedule. It allows muscles to grow faster, better recovery and faster development of aerobic and anaerobic capacity. 
  2. Being in good and healthy shape: swimming is one of the sports that burns the most calories.When I was training two sessions a day, I was burning between 2,000 calories just in the water. 


Last update: May, 2022

Written by:

Bruno M

Professional Sports Analyst and Journalist

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