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Top 20 Swimming Tips


Tips for swimming improvement

This tips will help everyone from beginners to advance swimmers and for all ages. Practice smarter to get better results.

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20- Glide

When you swim its important to save energy and gliding helps you do that, while gliding you are still moving forward without consuming energy.

Start by exaggerating the glide then shorten it until it feels right.


19- Breath Control

Learn how to control your breathing, inhale quick and exhale slowly.

Keep your breathing relax and with out rushing it. This will help you get less tired for any race.


18- Feel the Water

Feeling how you pull the water, how you slide through it and how it passes your body is very important.

swimming tips, swimming tips for beginners, swimming tips of triathlets

Feel and understand how you can pull the water better and create less resistance thus swim faster.


17- Practice Harder

Elite swimmers get a high tolerance for pain, if you keep practicing hard the times you thought were hard will become easier to do.

Your muscles will get stronger and more resistant. But remember this doesn’t mean you should go all fast in everything, you have to train smart.

When you are practicing in technique focus on it, when its easy swim easy and when it comes to a strong fast set then give everything.


16- Swim in a Smaller Tube

When we try to swim fast we tend to extend the area where we are swimming. Staying in a smaller area will create less resistance.

swimming tips, swimming tips for beginners, swimming tips of triathletes

If you are competing or have a lane for yourself you should swim as straight as possible, moving in circles or around the lane will make you swim more and create more resistance.


15- Cool Down

When you swim your muscles tighten and they get full of lactic acid.

Also your blood flows rapidly from your heart.

Cooling down around 20 minutes can bring your body back to normal, giving your muscles a chance to relax and be recovered for next swim.


14- Don’t Breath the First Stroke

When you swim freestyle it’s important not to breathe on the first stroke after the turn or the start, this way you will keep the speed from the push.

swimming tips, swimming tips for beginners, swimming tips of triathlets, how to breath swimming

This as well will help you expand your lung capacity.


13- Use your Legs

We tend to focus more on our upper body but the legs are incredibly important, many coaches say that swimming is 60% legs, 40% upper body.

swimming kick, how to kick on freestyle, front crawl kick, freestyle kick

So improve your kick doing some extra kick sets!


12- Rotate

For freestyle and backstroke it is important to rotate, most of the swimmers don’t rotate enough. If you are not swimming a 50 meters/yards race then you should be rotating.

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It will help you in 3 main things: Prevents injuries. Use bigger muscles. Decrease drag.


11- Use Bigger Muscles

You will pull stronger and better if you use your pectorals and entire back muscles than just your shoulders and biceps.

swimming tips, swimming tips for beginners, swimming tips of triathlets, how to breath swimming, muscles swimming

Bigger muscles have more power and will help you swim faster if you use them properly. Also you will be less vulnerable to get injured.


Swimming Tips Recap

Think carefully about all the first ten tips, put them to practice and get ready to improve exponentially!

For better results watch the video and read the points.→


Swim Tips 11  1


10- Stretch

There are many benefits for stretching, for example giving more space for your muscles to grow stronger, recover faster, reduce lactic acid.

stretch in swimming, swimming tips, swimming tips for beginners, swimming tips of triathletes, how to breath swimming

Improving flexibility gives you a better range of motion, your stroke is likely to improve thus using less energy while swimming.


9- Practice in the Mirror

Sometimes it gets very hard to change what your doing wrong in swimming, even if your coach tells you what it is.

Pretending you are swimming while looking in the mirror will help you see your mistakes and it will be easier to correct them.

practice swimming, swimming tips, swimming tips for beginners, swimming tips of triathlets, how to breath swimming, muscles swimming

8- Meditation – Visualisation

Thinking of yourself swimming with a good stroke, winning a race, doing perfect dolphin kick or just to get ready for practice is very helpful. If you do this once a day or every other day you will see improvement on your overall swim.

You need to meditate on your swimming practice, stroke, swim meet and all the things that relate with your swimming.


7- Dance

Coordination is a very important thing in both dancing and swimming. If you want to improve your full body coordination is good to practice some dancing moves.


6- Ankle Flexibility

The flexibility on your ankles is extremely important, you need great flexibility like a ballerina to not be dragging your feet and to move more with each kick.

5- Lift

Now a days just swimming is not enough, if you really want to improve you need to get strength from other exercises.

should a swimmer lift, swimming lift, practice swimming, swimming tips, swimming tips for beginners, swimming tips of triathlets, how to breath swimming, muscles swimming, swimming tips


4- Core

Elite swimmers have a very strong core, is probably one of the things you are missing. You will use the core every time you swim doesn’t matter what stroke.

Having a strong core will give you stability and balance plus you will be able to float easier.

Remember you use the core on all the swimming movements.


3- Record Yourself

The best way to improve your technique is feedback and most of the time feedback from someone else is not enough.

swimming recording

So record yourself and see exactly what you’re doing, next time you swim, it will be easier to remember what to correct.


2- Eat Healthy

Swimming is one of the sports that burns more calories, so you might think you can eat junk food because of that.

swimmers diet, swimming tips, swimming tips for beginners, swimming tips of triathlets, how to breath swimming, muscles swimming, swimming tips

But not so fast.. The quality of the food will affect your performance in the pool. So make sure to eat balanced and healthy, you will feel the difference!


1- Learn, Teach and Focus

  • Find the fast swimmers in your pool and watch what they’re doing right and look for youtube videos of people swimming (Skills NT).
  • Teach other swimmers that want to be advised by you, and help them on how to swim better.
  • Remember what you learned on the past 2 steps and apply them to your swimming.



Resting your body at nights after workouts and on resting days is extremely important. Your body needs to recover and your muscles to regenerate in order to be ready for next practice.

Swimming Tips Recap

Check our video for better results →

Now that you have read all the steps think about which one is the one that can benefit you the most and focus on it.

Once it’s part of your normal routine get to the next one.

By Raul & Mauricio Uranga last updated Jun 23, 2020

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sophie devine
sophie devine
6 hours ago

* Great tips! Thank you for sharing them. Tips number 7, 10, 17, and 20 are particularly helpful for improving swimming without professional coaching. However, if you’re seeking professional training to enhance your swimming skills, Cultpass PLAY might be the best option for you.

Javier mauricio Bermudez parra Bucaramanga
Javier mauricio Bermudez parra Bucaramanga
10 months ago

Javier mauricio Bermudez parra Bucaramanga si muchas familias

2 years ago

haii, thankyou for this article

Last edited 1 year ago by Raul Uranga
3 years ago

I liked the 20, 18 and 4 tips! If you, writer, also want a tip, But again, I liked it!

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2 years ago
Reply to  Brazilian

“Get your English a bit better” is not proper English. You should you the word “improve”

Islam atef
Islam atef
3 years ago

Thanks very much ❤️