“I am not improving!”

Too many swimmers

Coaches have limited time and cannot spend a lot of time with each swimmer. The result are generic practices not personalized to any one’s needs.

Lack of technique correction

In order to correct someone’s technique it requires filming, analysis, exercises and reinforcement. This requires a lot of time and attention that coaches don’t usually have.

If you don’t have a coach…

The past three years I haven’t had a coach. In that time my butterfly stroke changed a little bit, I was pulling with my arms too close to each other. The trouble is that I didn’t know I was doing that, because no one was correcting me and I couldn’t see my arms while my head was down. So the way I found out was filming and watching myself in slow motion and from different angles.

Thanyapura Phuket

7 Days in Paradise to improve your swim.

August 1 to August 8th

Home to the finest sports facilities. The Thanyapura swimming facilities feature a 50m Olympic pool 3m deep with 8 lanes, temperature controlled between 26 to 29 C, a 25m pool, high-performance gym and more. 

Award winning all-day dining with freshly baked breads, free-range eggs and organic fruits and vegetables. Selection ranges from Thai and asian food, western food, vegan and vegetarian food, raw food and even alkaline food.

Included access to locker rooms including sauna, steam, ice and hot bath. For an extra cost you can access sports masseurs, physiotherapist, nutritionists and much more.

We have years of experience helping swimmers from all levels and ages. Focusing in correcting their technique and making them more efficient in the water. Exercises they can do all around the season so you don’t fall back on the same mistakes.

Filming under and above the water, video analysis so the swimmer can see what she/he is doing and how to correct it. Evaluation of the swimmer out of the water (coordination, explosiveness, mobility, etc.)

Gain an edge on your teammates and your competition

Most swimmers focus on speed and endurance.

A large percentage of swimmers that focus on technique don’t have a coach, a teammate or an underwater camera to help them.

If they do have someone or something to help them, they probably don’t have the knowledge on how to correct those mistakes with proven drills, exercises and stretches.

Be one of the 1% that take advantage of this opportunity to improve your technique to be faster with less effort.

Camp Schedule

Camp Schedule

Day 0 (arrival day)

On this day you will arrive at airport and you will be picked up and transported to the sports facilities, we will tell you all you need to know about the camp and you will receive a SkillsNT welcome kit.

Day 1 (Team bonding & recordings)

Get to know the team, clear any doubts and go for a morning swim. Work on some technique with different drills and exercises, and we will be recording swimmers on groups of two.

The rest of the day will be free, you will have different options to do around the beautiful island.

Day 2 (recording and dry-land evaluation)

A long morning practice with starts and turns and finish recording everyone.


Afternoon session will consist of dry-land tests. We will measure your flexibility, explosiveness, coordination, mobility and other important measures for swimming. We will identify areas of improvement outside the water. 

Day 3 (correction)

Morning session: we will work on what you want to improve the most (race and stroke) correcting what you and us think is the most important thing and what we should focus on, (start, arms, tempo. etc) divided in small groups.


A long swimming practice with more swimming correction in separate groups: sprint, mid distance and distance (open water swimmers) through out the day, inside and outside the water.

Day 4 (video analysis)

One swimmer at a the time during the day will be called to see her/his video analysis to see the areas where he/she can improve the most. We will go through and talk about the stroke technique and corrections. 


After the meeting the swimmer will go swim alone so she/he can concentrate and feel in the water what we just talked about.

Day 5 (endurance)

Morning session: we will go for a swim. Then we will focus on your video analysis and making your stroke more efficient with lots of drills and feedback from us.


Afternoon session will be outside the pool, correcting your strokes deficiencies with dry-land moves, stretching, cords, gym exercises etc.  


Day 6 (filming & efficiency)

Long swimming practice, you will be called throughout the practice for a fast recording. You will be separated in groups so we can give specific training to each group.  

You will have the rest of the day for yourself. You can explore the facilities, the island or simply rest.

Day 7 (departure day)

Time to say goodbye 🙁

In the next couple of weeks you will receive a bundle:

Your full video analysis of your swim during the camp.

Exercises outside and inside the water to finish correcting your technique to create muscle memory for the correction to be permanent.

All you need to know

*Camp Limited to 15 swimmers*

Where? & When?

Thanyapura Sports Training Facility, Phuket, Thailand

August 1st to 8th (7 nights 8 days)

More info about the sports center here

What’s Included

  • 8 days, 7 nights – 5 star hotel
  • All meals
  • Swimming practices
  • Swimmers Analysis
  • Dry-land Evaluation
  • Injuries Prevention
  • SkillsNT kit
  • Transportation: airport ↔ sports facilities


Single room: $1,880 USD or 4 monthly payments of $470

Shared double room: $1,744 USD or 4 monthly payments of $436

Shared triple room: $1,650 or 4 monthly payments of $412

*All prices in USD*

What’s not included



How is the payment and booking process?

Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis with a limit of the spots available. Payments for the camp can be made split into 4 monthly payments or 1 single payment. Payments processes are 100% secure through our website.


What is the refund policy?

In case you can’t make it to the camp after booking, you can transfer your spot to another swimmer or we can refund you the money less a $100 fee. There are no refunds available within 30 days of the camp.

Who is this for?

This camp is for any swimmer that wants to improve their swimming technique. Whether you swim just to stay in shape or you are a competitive swimmer there are benefits on improving your technique. You will swim longer distances without having to stop. This will make swimming a much more enjoyable activity. If you are in the competitive arena, then you will be faster in you events and in your daily training. All your teammates will be impressed by your progress!

How will you help me improve?

We have been studying swimming technique for most of our lives, so with the help of slow motion footage we will dissect all your swimming deficiencies in and outside the pool and we will prioritize the ones that we think will help you the most and we will give you tips, exercises and swimming drills that you can implement to help you improve beyond whatever you thought possible.

How will this help me?

The camp is design so you improve in what yo want the most, we will contact you before the camp so you can tell us about your swimming and what would you like to improve. Then we will find the ways to help you, with above and underwater filming, dry-land evaluation, exercises, drills and much more.

With the 2 analysis we will have of you, you will able to see your swimming in ways you haven’t seen before, it will help you understand what you are doing and how to correct it.

Who is giving the Camp?

If the camp has only 15 swimmers it will be given by the two founders of Skills N Talents, Mauricio Uranga and Raul Uranga you probably know them from the youtube videos 😉

If the camp has 20 swimmers we will have one of our professional swimmers friends with us: Daniel Torres Mexican record holder or Miguel Chavez Mexican national team.

I need help with airfares

Fortunately we are pretty good with airfares! If you need help with any flight let us know we are happy to help you 🙂

What if I have personalized questions?

You can ask us whatever you want we are happy to help you! 🙂

If after reading this you still have questions about the camp you can always send us an e-mail to [email protected] or send us a whatsapp at +526142686888 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

If you have more questions an you would like to contact one of the SKILLS NT co-founders you can write us to [email protected] or by whatsapp at +526142686888. Also we can schedule a call (skype, facetime)