Dryland Yoga Mat

USD $80.00

Ideal for swimmers seeking to improve their dryland training and post-swim stretching routines. Crafted with swimmers in mind, comfort for yoga and stretching exercises and serves as a practical addition to your swim gear collection.

Microfiber Suede Top: The top surface is made from soft microfiber suede, offering swimmers a comfortable surface and vibrant colors.

Anti-Slip Rubber Bottom: This mat an anti-slip rubber bottom that ensures stability on pool decks and other surfaces. It minimizes the risk of slipping during post-swim stretching and exercises.

Specifications: The included strap simplifies transportation. Maintain the mat’s freshness with easy spot cleaning using soap and water.


  • Size: 61 cm x 173 cm (24″ x 68″)
  • Weight: 1.75 kg (62 oz)
Design : T Pool
T Pool
No-Diving Black
Water & Dryland
No-Diving Cream
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