Adam Peaty Joins Team Speedo

Olympic and World Champion joins Speedo

Bruno Moreno Gutiérrez

Professional Sports Analyst & Journalist


Adam Peaty has signed with Speedo!


Multiple Olympic Champion and World Record Holder, Adam Peaty, has decided to leave its former swimsuit sponsor,  Arena and is now part of the most powerful swimming brand in the world: Team Speedo. 


Certainly, these are news that not a lot of people were expecting to hear. Since the beginning of Peaty’s career the British swimmer has always been using Arena when it comes to the biggest competitions on earth. 

In 2015, when Adam Peaty first broke the 100 meter breaststroke world record, he was wearing Arena and the partnership between the two parties seemed stronger than ever after the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. Nevertheless, things never last forever and that has to be accepted. 


What does it mean for Adam Peaty to join Team Speedo? 

3x Olympic Champion, Adam Peaty, is joining the swimming brand with the most history and most relevancy in the world. Adam Peaty will be joining athletes like Dressel and Ryan Murphy. Speedo certainly is the biggest brand out there! Congratulations. 


What does it mean for team Speedo to sign the British Olympic Champion?


For Speedo it means honor and legacy. The brand has always had the best swimming stars like Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Dressel and now Peaty. More than 60% of Olympic Gold medalists at Tokyo used Speedo swimsuits, which is crazy to think!



Speedo 4×100 Medley Relay: 


Imagine a relay with: 


Ryan Murphy – Backstroke

Adam Peaty – Breaststroke 

Dressel – Butterfly 

Duncan Scott – Freestyle 


WR would be broken! 


Let us know in the comments if you want to see this happen? 






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Rosa María Gutiérrez Vega
Rosa María Gutiérrez Vega
2 years ago

Interesante tú artículo. Y conocer como podría influir la calidad de los materiales utilizados (trajes de natación) para que un deportista podría tener éxito en una competencia, aunque la ropa no es lo principal para el triunfo podria ayudar también. Me encanta leer tus articulos Bruno Moreno

Alma Natividad Aguirre
Alma Natividad Aguirre
2 years ago

Muy interesante artículo Brunito, al mencionar algunas marcas de ropa deportiva y qué bueno que todos apoyen a los deportistas, para que los competidores de natación, usen la ropa deportiva que más les guste y sobretodo que los anime y ayude a sentirse bien y alcanzar el récord deseado, mil felicidades a todos los atletas, a todos los equipos de ropa de marca deportiva, que apoyan a los deportistas y especialmente a Bruno Moreno Gutiérrez, por la información dada en este artículo,

2 years ago

Excelente 👌🏻

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