Video Analysis & Follow Up

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Follow-Up service is the inclusion of follow-up sessions after the initial video analysis. With follow-up sessions, swimmers can get ongoing help and see how they’re doing. This helps them understand their strokes better and fix any problems effectively. This approach allows for a more comprehensive understanding of their stroke technique and the ability to make meaningful corrections over time.

Focused Stroke Analysis: Choose one to four strokes you’d like to work on, and our dedicated coaches will provide insights to enhance your technique.

2 x 45-Minute Video Call: Join us for a friendly and personalized 45-minute video call. It’s a collaborative session where we discuss your swimming challenges and aspirations.

Your Own Analysis Page: After the session, we’ll create a private webpage just for you. It’s where you can revisit your video analysis and coaching tips anytime.

Measure Progress: By comparing the initial video analysis to subsequent sessions, swimmers can see tangible improvements in their stroke technique.

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