Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Swimming

  Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Swimming    

by Bruno Moreno

If you are a high-performance athlete, swimming is a must in your preparation and performance, because it helps athletes like you to recover faster, gain muscle and maintain a good aerobic basis. 


The initial reasons of why we recommended swimming training to athletes that did not know how to swim: 

  1. Fastest recovery: makes a better blood flow, allowing the fast recovery of damaged muscles. 

  2. Endurance on your competitions 

  3. Focus on your goals 

  4. Facilitates Rehabilitation 

Swimming is a good way to improve endurance and it is recommended for those who already have the experience in the sport. Otherwise, the best recovery method for any athlete in the world is sleeping. 

Altitude training: 

The lack of oxygen makes athletes to develop more red cells and the adaptation to less oxygen increases your stamina. 

Is Swimming for everyone? 

Swimming is not really recommended to endurance athletes like runners or cyclists, they will just get tired and the impact of swimming will only affect their current sport. 

Cristiano Ronaldo uses swimming to increase his core strength by implementing kicking and short swimming periods in his training. This makes him a more explosive athlete.

His training is innovative and allows him to grow muscle faster!


Last update: May, 2022


Written by:

Bruno M

Professional Sports Analyst and Journalist

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