Freestyle Breathing

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Breath Control – Hypoxic training

If you want to hold your breath for longer while swimming, there is no other way but to practice it in the pool while you’re swimming.

Shoulders and Head Position

Probably the hardest part to dominate when you are a beginner, which is breathing and how it relates to the movements of the shoulders and head. Breathing is probably the most important factor that will make you change from beginner to advanced.

Exercises for smooth freestyle swimming. Beginners

4 breathing exercises you can do to maintain a better, more horizontal position while swimming smooth easy freestyle. The first exercise is to Grab the wall with one hand, take a deep breath, put your face in the water and kick just enough to put your body in a horizontal position.

Breathing technique – 4 steps away from breathing like a pro swimmer!

If you don’t learn how to properly breathe while swimming, you won’t improve any other part of your swimming. There are at least 4 skills you need to know: #1 Breathing Rhythm, #2 Breathing Timing, #3 Horizontal Balance, #4 Rotation.

Correct Breathing

A lot of swimmers get tired because they don’t know how to breathe correctly when swimming. Only the more advanced swimmers feel the burn in their shoulders and legs. Most people can’t even get to that point. 

Breathe for a Smooth Swim

Tried swimming with two breathing techniques and the differences were huge. With one technique I felt heavy and desperate. With the other one I felt light and calm. 

Water up Your Nose? 

Water doesn’t enter your nose when you are facing down, that is if you don’t inhale. This is because there is air that won’t let is pass. But when you move your head to breath, in that little space of time when your head is sideways…

Breath Less Helps Swim Faster

The three best exercises you can do to increase your CO2 tolerance. We will begin explaining why this will help you swim faster. 66% of you told us that you feel shortness of breath before your muscles feel very tired.